Desk in West window

“A poem begins with a lump in the throat. 

Robert Frost 

The Porches
Norwood, VA 24581
Tel: 434-2634135


The Porches, a writer retreat, is best described by the comments of those who have stayed here:

"The perfect place--exactly what I was looking for: a beautiful spot to contemplate, to get away, and to write. The Porches has a grand history and lots of personality."

"What a glorious week! Writing, relaxing on the porch with a good glass of Virginia wine, hiking, reading, revising, reading some more, and writing, writing, writing."

"A quiet beautiful writers retreat--a setting to relax in and at the same time to accomplish much."

"Hummingbirds, the distant rush of the rapids, a train winding its way through the valley, a full moon over the historic church and old graveyard. Not the usual writers retreats, Porches has a special kind of solitude."

the grounds
Blue Ridge Mountains