Porches Writing Retreat
Porches Writing Retreat
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It is true that there is something magical and grounding about this home—the innate atmosphere of this wonderful location provides peace, concentration, security and a desire, most of all, to write.
— Amy Grier
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I came to the Porches in April. It was one of the best experiences of my life. To be able to devote myself wholly to my book in such a deep way was a profound gift.
— Christine
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Thank you for making this space in this world
— Liza Kate Boisman
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This house is light-filled, comfortable, quiet, surrounded by mountains, and two rivers. This is a poet’s paradise. The Porches has been all I needed and more.
— Katherine Smith
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This summer changed my life. Thank you for the oasis you’ve created here—for your spirit, artistry, positive and loving energy. It is the retreat for the working writer. I am indebted to you and this place for helping me find my voice again.
— Kirsten Ogden
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The Porches has seen me through the completion of two novels and now, the beginning of a third, and has been a place where I’ve found inspiration and camaraderie.
— Melissa Scholes Young
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How wonderful to be back at the Porches! This house has so much presence and beauty. I felt like the entire house was taking care of me while I was here. Thank you for creating such an amazing sanctuary.
— Karen Mittelman