Porches Writing Retreat
Porches Writing Retreat

Michael Kenneth Smith Fellowship


One-on-One Intensive Novel Workshop (with either Greg Michalson or Nancy Zafris)  

*Open to anyone 35 and older who has not yet published a novel. 

Length:  three days, four nights.

Award:  The fellowship covers the usual $3000 fee

Required Submissions:  The first twenty pages of your novel (double-spaced, 12-point font).  200-300 word synopsis of the novel.  300-500 word personal statement.  Resume and cover letter.  Please adhere to the word count. 

Finalists:  If you are a finalist, you will be asked to submit your full manuscript.  Please note that your draft should be at least two-thirds completed.

Application fee: $25

venmo.com (trudyhale@gmail.com account), or PayPal (trudyhale@gmail.com account).

Application deadline:  June 30, 2019

Submissions should be emailed to porchesfellowship@gmail.com